Mar 272015

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Open Letter to the Editor & Council

In a story in the Seaway News discussing possible funding for the arts several lines were very disturbing and should be disturbing to voters in our community; especially the many that support the arts.
 Councilor David Murphy is quoted as saying “It’s time for a reboot.”
Not sure where that comes from?  In his time on council there has never been an email or letter of complaint from City Hall about any issue at the gallery.
TAG has been in Cornwall for over thirty years.   You don’t reboot institutions.  You repair and fix them as this board has done including the termination of our long time executive director.
You don’t tear down monuments.  You polish and cherish them.
The article goes on to further about sustainable financing.
All organizations face that difficulty.  Could Aultsville theatre survive as it is without the City’s generous near $100,000 per year?
For nearly two months TAG will be hosting school children.  It’s part of our mandate and we’re proud to do that.   TAG is a Public Municipal Gallery.   Our mandate is to provide that future for our youth and future artists; not to be profitable. Hamilton recently raised its art funding.  The five members of council that voted on our funding slashed it to zero additional dollars for this year.
While there are many funding options, none are guaranteed and require actual resources and man hours to apply to.
TAG has a volunteer board like many other organizations of its nature.  It is one of the only resources for the arts that the City has.
To slash its funding to zero begs answers to some far darker questions as to motives and reasons why, and  which those with wisdom will face Monday night.
TAG has earned its funding and support.    Cornwall really can’t afford to not have its public gallery.
To date since this board has started its impressive work,  only one city councilor has graced the gallery with their presence, and engaged our team.      That’s very sad.
Hopefully Monday night will see a reversal of certain attitudes and our council will support a board that has taken drastic steps to see a more positive and productive future for its Public gallery.
We hope to see everyone at our new Live Art Exhibit starting April 1, 2015 featuring some of our best and upcoming talents working at the gallery for the public to interact with.
For more information you can visit or our facebook page.
Feb 272015

Concept 101

TAG Cornwall will be hosting an information session for our members to discuss some major changes for 2015!

The meeting is set for Tuesday March 10th at 7 PM at the Gallery.

Your board will be answering questions and sharing some of the goals we hope to work with the art community on during the year.

Light refreshments will be served.

Please note the Gallery is closed for inventory, but appointments can be made for deliveries or pick ups.

For more information or to become a TAG Cornwall Volunteer please email

Feb 052015

People’s Choice Award
Helen James for “Fruit and Wine Still Life” – oil on canvas
Christine Cousineau for “Maggie” – oil on canvas

Jan 012015

Annual Juried Exhibition

January 31st to March 6th, 2015

Accepting Entries: Tuesday, January 6th to Saturday, January 10, 2015 

“Live Jurying”: Sunday, January 11, 1pm until completion
Awards Ceremony: Saturday, January 31st at 2:00 pm

Jurors: Jacqueline Milner,
Karl Schutt,

TAG Cornwall will award cash prizes to recognize the visual arts excellence of the top three entries. The awards will be presented at the opening reception. The public will be invited to cast their vote to nominate the People’s Choice Award. The result will be announced at the end of the show.

2015 Juried Show Application