Portraits and Flower Portraiture


In the 30 years at Nortel, Donna held various positions including the manager of the Technical Writing & Illustrating dept. Early retirement, has allowed Donna to devote more of her time to painting. Donna is a member of the Foyer Gallery. She is also an active member of the Nepean Fine Arts League (held position as president). Her passion for painting now absorbs her on many fronts; working on her Fine Arts Diploma at St Lawrence College, participating in workshops, and entering exhibits and sales.

She has exhibited in the Homestead Gallery near Kemptville, the Artworks Gallery in Merrickville and the owaa Gallery in Ottawa. Her works were accepted into the 2nd annual Mayor’s Art Festival in Ottawa. She has been juried into numerous exhibits: The TAG annual juried show, the Salon Prize, the Marianne van Silfhout Gallery, Centrepointe Theatre Gallery, Kanata Civic Art Gallery, and Britannia Art Gallery. Her works have also been in Figureworks, the Atrium Gallery, Studio Gallery, NFAL Gallery, Ottawa Little Theatre, Carleton University, Nepean Museum, Artscene and the Tulip Festival. Her paintings are in private collections in Canada, USA, Switzerland, South Africa and St Helena.

“I take numerous photographs and then painstakingly search to find the one that captures my interest. This is true whether I’m painting flowers or people – to me they are all ‘portraits’. My floral paintings are influenced by the late Georgia O’keefe. The close up image brings the viewer a dramatic perspective that evokes an emotional response. My people portraits emulate the play of lights and shadows reminiscent of the old masters like Caravaggio.”…

New lights will shine on the arts featured at TAG Cornwall

“Changes like this is what Trillium is all about,” said MPP Jim McDonell.  “The grant will be used to update the lighting.”

“I know how much of an impact this grant will have on the gallery and on the community so it can showcase even more lovely art,” said Trillium spokesperson Paulette Hebert. “We are thrilled to allow you to have this money.”

Twenty something years ago Marc Trottier, who was the Art Gallery Executive Director at the time, secured the donation of a used professional lighting system from the National Art Gallery of Canada.   It was a great improvement for the art gallery then since the gallery only had generic commercial fluorescent lighting system.

The new lighting system will not only have an aesthetic function, they will also represent an important annual operational cost saving.  The new lights will only use 1/4 of the electricity consumption compared to our current system.  Therefore the Gallery will save over $1,200 annually in utility cost alone.  This cost saving could potentially be reinvested in the Gallery’s programs and multiply the benefits of a simple lighting system upgrade.

The new lights will also improve the ambient temperature in the Gallery.   Our current halogen bulbs produce more heat than light causing discomfort in the summer months.  The upgrade will also help save the environment by reducing waste as the new LED bulbs last for 50,000 versus 1,500 for halogen.…

“The Clothesline Says So Much!”

You are invited to attend the Catholic Education Coalition regional event “The Clothesline Says So Much!”, an art and poetry show that is being held at TAG Cornwall on April 2nd, 2014 featuring the work from our Kindergarten to Grade 12 students.  The exhibition will include French and English poetry as well as art pieces that the students created based on our board theme “Witnesses to Hope.”

Participating Schools include: Bishop Macdonell, Holy Trinity, Immaculate Conception, Iona Academy, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Sacred Heart, St. Andrew’s, St. Anne, St. Columban, St. Finnan’s, St. George, St. Joseph, St. Matthew, and St. Peter.

Throughout the day, poetry will be read by some of our students visiting the gallery. The poetry and art will be on exhibit until April 4th and open for public viewing.

We hope that you are able to drop in to see the display of creative works from our students.…

“Complementary Contrasts” – New Exhibition

Marc Gagné and SooZ (Susan Jillette) never met before they were introduced to each other through TAG Cornwall.

Marc Gagné is a long-time resident of Ottawa who grew up in Kingston, Trenton, Ottawa, and later Toronto, attending the Ontario College of Art (now OCADU).

SooZ (Susan Jillette), a resident of Rigaud, Quebec, is an active member in numerous art associations & societies including the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), the International Guild of Realism (IGOR) and the Autour de Nous (ADN) group of local professional artists.

Marc’s pieces are created by combining found objects such as sheet metal, weathered wood, old books and other items with more traditional materials like oil painting and encaustic; combining, distressing, cutting, burning, or otherwise altering and re-combining the pieces until they form an integral whole. He always has been drawn to the urban landscape with its aged and decaying surfaces.

SooZ works with acrylics and let the textures and colours evolve on the canvas during the painting process. Her new series called “Improbable Creatures” fits into the Steampunk category. Most of her work can be described as witty and whimsical, sometimes flashy at other times more subdued.

Both artists’ creations are clever, rich in texture and inventive.  Their similarity and their contrasting differences enhance one and other and will provide the viewer with an exciting visual treat.…